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Our swirl story is a curated edit of our favourite styles to complete your look, inspired by our muse. Perfect to wear for work, weekends or as gifts for loved ones. Each swirl piece is handmade with precision to guarantee quality that will last. Choose from gold or silver pieces to match your look.

Swirl Charm Necklace - GoldSwirl Charm Necklace - Gold

Swirl Charm Necklace - Gold

£99 Usual Retail: £140
Swirl Charm Necklace - SilverSwirl Charm Necklace - Silver

Swirl Charm Necklace - Silver

£59 Usual Retail: £125
Swirl Hoop Earrings - GoldSwirl Hoop Earrings - Gold

Swirl Hoop Earrings - Gold

£199 Usual Retail: £250
Swirl Hoop Earrings - SilverSwirl Hoop Earrings - Silver

Swirl Hoop Earrings - Silver

£129 Usual Retail: £180