Latest styles from our design studios in London

Meet the latest styles from our design team in London. Each piece is handmade in Europe in small quantities using the most sustainable materials. Our designers work through countless iterations to ensure the perfect fit and feel that's true to size.

Darcey Flared Dress - Black JacquardDarcey Flared Dress - Black Jacquard

Darcey Flared Dress - Black Jacquard

£149 Usual Retail: £190
Darcey Flared Dress - Teal JacquardDarcey Flared Dress - Teal Jacquard

Darcey Flared Dress - Teal Jacquard

£149 Usual Retail: £190
Tamara Heeled Ankle Boot - BlackTamara Heeled Ankle Boot - Black

Tamara Heeled Ankle Boot - Black

£324 Usual Retail: £500
Odette Block Heel Sling Back - SilverOdette Block Heel Sling Back - Silver

Odette Block Heel Sling Back - Silver

£259 Usual Retail: £400
Brook Wrap Blouse - Red AmaryllisBrook Wrap Blouse - Red Amaryllis

Brook Wrap Blouse - Red Winter Floral

£139 Usual Retail: £160
Kansas Western Boot - BlackKansas Western Boot - Black

Kansas Western Boot - Black

£359 Usual Retail: £500
Olivia Zip Up Dress - Winter BloomOlivia Zip Up Dress - Winter Bloom

Olivia Zip Up Dress - Winter Bloom

£144 Usual Retail: £240
Sakura Bias Skirt - Winter BloomSakura Bias Skirt - Winter Bloom

Sakura Bias Skirt - Winter Bloom

£109 Usual Retail: £180