Classic shoulder bags to complete your look

A curated selection of shoulder bags to compliment your everyday wardrobe. Each style is designed in our London studios and made by hand to offer the perfect look and feel.

Sloane Shopper HandbagSloane Shopper Handbag

Sloane Shopper Handbag

£99Usual Retail: £500
Saddle BagSaddle Bag

Saddle Bag - Black

£249Usual Retail: £500
Saddle Bag - MinkSaddle Bag - Mink

Saddle Bag - Mink

£249Usual Retail: £500
Pebble Leather Bag - BluePebble Leather Bag - Blue

Pebble Leather Bag - Blue

£174Usual Retail: £300
Saddle Bag - GreenSaddle Bag - Green

Saddle Bag - Green

£249Usual Retail: £500
Saddle Bag - Brown CrocSaddle Bag - Brown Croc

Saddle Bag - Brown Croc

£249Usual Retail: £500
Saffiano HandbagSaffiano Handbag

Saffiano Handbag - Black

£149Usual Retail: £375