Our favorite casual top styles

A curated collection of casual tops, designed to have classic appeal and handmade with the softest natural fabrics in Europe. We finish each style by hand to offer the perfect fit and feel.

Reveal Tee Long Sleeve - BlackReveal Tee Long Sleeve - Black

Reveal Tee Long Sleeve - Black

£49Usual Retail: £70
Boyfriend Tee - EdenBoyfriend Tee - Eden

Boyfriend Tee - Eden

£44Usual Retail: £60
Cowl Neck Tee Long Sleeve - CreamCowl Neck Tee Long Sleeve - Cream

Cowl Neck Tee Long Sleeve - Cream

£49Usual Retail: £80
Reveal Tee Long Sleeve - RedReveal Tee Long Sleeve - Red

Reveal Tee Long Sleeve - Red

£49Usual Retail: £70
Reveal Lace Tee - BlackReveal Lace Tee - Black

Reveal Lace Tee - Black

£39Usual Retail: £60
Cowl Neck Tee Long Sleeve - EdenCowl Neck Tee Long Sleeve - Eden

Cowl Neck Tee Long Sleeve - Eden

£59Usual Retail: £80
Turn Up Tee - Black LightningTurn Up Tee - Black Lightning

Turn Up Tee - Black Lightning

£44Usual Retail: £60
Isla Polo Tee - BlackIsla Polo Tee - Black

Isla Polo Tee - Black

£59Usual Retail: £100
Boyfriend Tee - DiscoBoyfriend Tee - Disco

Boyfriend Tee - Disco

£39Usual Retail: £60
Boyfriend Tee - Boogie NightsBoyfriend Tee - Boogie Nights

Boyfriend Tee - Boogie Nights

£39Usual Retail: £60
Apartment Tee - White FleckApartment Tee - White Fleck

Apartment Tee - White Fleck

£39Usual Retail: £50
Cavendish Tee - LilacCavendish Tee - Lilac

Cavendish Tee - Lilac

£39Usual Retail: £70
Cavendish Tee - YellowCavendish Tee - Lime

Cavendish Tee - Lime

£39Usual Retail: £70