Beautiful maxi skirts, made by hand

A curated selection of maxi skirts, designed in London and handmade in Europe for the perfect fit and feel. Each maxi skirt is made with the softest, most sustainable fabric we could find. Countless fittings ensure a fit that's always true to size.

Noho Skirt - Confetti PetalNoho Skirt - Confetti Petal

Noho Skirt - Confetti Petal

£74Usual Retail: £140
Greenwich Skirt - Navy ViscoseGreenwich Skirt - Navy Viscose

Greenwich Skirt - Navy Viscose

£79Usual Retail: £180
Noho Skirt - Lightning GinghamNoho Skirt - Lightning Gingham

Noho Skirt - Lightning Gingham

£64Usual Retail: £140
Greenwich Skirt - Glossy BlackGreenwich Skirt - Gloss Black

Greenwich Skirt - Gloss Black

£59Usual Retail: £180
Annie Bias Cut Skirt - BlackAnnie Bias Cut Skirt - Black

Annie Bias Cut Skirt - Black

£99Usual Retail: £180
Annie Bias Cut Skirt - NavyAnnie Bias Cut Skirt - Navy

Annie Bias Cut Skirt - Navy

£99Usual Retail: £180
Noho Skirt - Red CheckNoho Skirt - Red Check

Noho Skirt - Red Check

£149Usual Retail: £225
Noho Skirt - BlackNoho Skirt - Black

Noho Skirt - Black

£84Usual Retail: £140
Greenwich Skirt - Sparkle FleckGreenwich Skirt - Sparkle Fleck

Greenwich Skirt - Sparkle Fleck

£84Usual Retail: £180
Greenwich Skirt - MauveGreenwich Skirt - Mauve

Greenwich Skirt - Mauve

£119Usual Retail: £125
Greenwich Skirt - Abstract AnimalGreenwich Skirt - Abstract Animal

Greenwich Skirt - Abstract Animal

£69Usual Retail: £125
Greenwich Skirt - AmberGreenwich Skirt - Amber

Greenwich Skirt - Amber

£84Usual Retail: £125
Riley Skirt - Blue Small GeoRiley Skirt - Blue Small Geo

Riley Skirt - Blue Small Geo

£99Usual Retail: £150
Noho Skirt - Green CheckNoho Skirt - Green Check

Noho Skirt - Green Check

£149Usual Retail: £200